When choosing a Real Estate Professional, review their history!
I would like to offer you some objective information about me. In the awards section below, I am providing you with the awards and credentials that I have achieved. In addition, I have included some references from past clients. Nothing speaks more loudly than a raving fan! Call me today. I would love to add you to my list of satisfied and happy clients!
  Hein and Linda Peters. Winnipeg.
"Finding and buying a house in Winnipeg has been one of the better experiences we had, just because of Toni. Starting out thinking and hoping that she would be able to show us houses that would meet our expectations, turned out to be much more than that. From being always available to help and answer questions, to helping with financing and supplying all the little details and information we needed to kn w, was surely not expected. Little things will be remembered, like going to measure the distance of the fire hydrasnt from the house for insurance purposes. Apart from the excellent service Toni gave us, the thing that probably impressed us most was her honesty and availability."
  Louis and Nita van Rooyen Sanford
"Toni was recommended to us by fellow South Africans. All business was conducted in a very professional and timely manner at all times. Ever since the first phone call to her, things have gone smoothly.  Toni made very sure that she knew exactly what kind of home we had in mind. She is extremely well organized, gave us all relevant information and was always very well prepared for the showings we had with her. (She even sent us pictures of the houses we were going to be shown.) It did not take us long to find exactly what we were looking for and her support did not end after the sale had closed. She came visiting bearing a very thoughtful and handy gift, welcoming us to our new home. Our highest praise and recommendation to this very elegant, thoughtful and professional lady!"
  Tooru and Yukimi Mizuno Winnipeg
"We were able to find a perfect house for us. Since we moved from outside Canada and had no local background in Winnipeg, it was really difficult for us to start our house hunting. I have to say that we were lucky to get the assistance of Toni Nicholson of RE/MAX. She understood our requirements very well and worked very hard for us. She gave us helpful advice before we submitted our offer to the seller. It was critical because the market aroound here was tremendously competitive. If we didn't get advice from a highly professional and experienced person such as Toni, we could easily have lost the competition. Luckily we won the competition. I realize that the teamwork between the buyer and the realtor is a key factor to be successful in hunting for a home.Toni is great at forming such teamwork with buyers. Now we are relaxing on the porch of our backyard. We are very happy to have a pleasant life here. Thanks Toni. There is no doubt that many other people will get this happiness through Toni."
  Thanks to you Toni!
Toni Nicholson dealt with us in a very professional way when we looked for a house in Winnipeg in September 2005. She did outstanding work for us and adjusted her schedule to suit ours in each and every way. We placed very high demands on her on very short notice and she never compromised. She proved herself as a highly skilled professional in her occupation as real estate agent.  I recommend her to anyone interested in her services as realtor or to any related employer who has the prospects of hiring her for her services as a realtor. On a personal note, coming from South Africa to Canada, Toni kept in mind our background when she helped us find a "new home"! Lourens and Corrie Blom Winnipeg (and a very patient daughter, Loune' who spend the whole day with us driving around looking for a new home)...we are very happy with our new house!

Toni!  Thank you so much for all your advice and assistance in helping us get our house ready to sell, and for your super efforts in getting it sold in 8 days!  We so appreciate all you've done for us.

-Laurie & David Thompson

Both my husband and I were very impressed with Toni's work ethic & level of professionalism.  She was extremely well-prepared for viewings and her knowledge of the current housing market was most certainly an asset.  From the extensiveand very helpful binder to the snacks in the van to buying our first house, working with Toni was a great experience.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.   - Gina Grobbler

Asking Toni Nicholson to sell my home was one of the smartest things I have ever done. Why? Simply because of her knowledge, experience, abilites, skills and who she is. Let's begin: her knowledge of the real estate world - quite thorough. Her ability to arrange or rearrange your home to make is saleable - lots of work but necessary - making lists really helps. Her directive, her keen eye for such organizing - knows, seemingly innately, that which works - e.g. what is it exactly that works in that corner or on that shelf. Her charm, her sincerity and competence - readily apparent. Her sense of humor - keeps it hidden until she knows you a little. Her focus - an ability to remain so - keeps you (the home owner) on track. Her authority - absolute and yet she persists in stating that "it's your home" implying I guess that you're the boss. Did I mention her sense of humor? Am I guilty of overstating the case? Not even remotely - because of the results. My home was sold in, or even less than one week. There was approximately 24 showings, and open house of course and then, following 4 most excellent offers. Toni has become my mentor when it comes to the intracacies of anything even slightly connected to Real Estate Selling or Buying. Thank you Toni! - John Patterson